Koinonia Institute Report


In 2007, Koinonia Institute went over the one thousand mark threshold as it has mailed out 1,193 certificates of completion to 438 different students in recognition of their success in completing individual online study courses.

To date, 74 students have received Bronze Medallions and Bronze Certificates of Completion for concluding the required courses.1

KI currently has over 20 online courses available to its Student Body and has over 50 Teaching Assistants.2

As an Institute we are currently looking for ways to “grow” the Student Body. We have recently developed what we refer to as Area Representatives, who are our hands and feet in the different geographical regions worldwide-remember our Student Body represents over 16 different countries!

Whenever we come to your town, we always try to carve out an evening to spend with our KI members, as well as those who simply want to know more about the Institute. This is one of the places where it is really essential to have Area Reps so they can quarterback this get-together of the KI brethren. Currently we have over 33 AR’s and are always looking for new folks to step up to represent us in their own neck of the woods!

We are also encouraging our membership commonwealth with the challenge for “each one to invite ONE!” There is no better way for the Institute to grow than by word of mouth. We are all beggars who have found bread and we simply want to point others to the source-to the Bread of Life!

If you are a part of KI, remember the challenge for this upcoming school year-EACH ONE bring a friend into KI!

Local Bronze Medallions Awarded

In order to personalize KI, take a look at some of our local students that have recently achieved the Bronze Level and have been awarded their Medallions and Certificates from Chuck Missler and Dan Stolebarger during ceremonies conducted at K-House in Post Falls, Idaho.

At a recent K-House Tuesday evening Bible study, Chuck and Dan presented Bronze awards to three such local recipients. Following are pictures and a brief bio on each student:

Ian BeaverIan Beaver(right) is 25 years old and works as an R&D Technician doing speech recognition at a software company in Spokane. Ian was introduced to K-House by his mother when he was in elementary school. He decided to join KI in January of this year, since he was already spending much of his time viewing Chuck’s expositional studies on DVD and felt he might as well work for credit since he was already doing the lessons.

Chuck HughesChuck Hughes (Left) is 53 years old, has been married to his wife, Dixie, for 27 years, and they are blessed to have Krystal, their 15-year-old daughter. Chuck was broken by alcoholism 6 ½ years ago, but by God’s grace he hasn’t had a drink since. Five years ago he was introduced (by more than one friend) to K-House tapes of Chuck Missler’s teaching and was so blessed by them that he now considers Chuck Missler his spiritual father. Chuck’s ministry includes writing songs and playing them as a testimony at local treatment centers.

Chuck joined KI in March of this year and says, “KI has become an integral part of my ongoing growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ, due to the fellowship I have found here.”

Ken KotoskiKen Kotoski is a professional watchmaker. Ken recently moved his family to the Coeur d’Alene area from Montana. He is blessed to have a wonderful wife and 7-year-old son. He discovered KI two years ago and has been going through the courses as fast as possible ever since then. Ken is blessed to lead small groups in his home using KI course materials, and he says, “Everyone in the group has really grown, with one attendee even enrolling in Bible College to become a pastor as a result of Chuck Missler’s teaching. Others have started their own small groups and are leading them in their respective homes.”

Ken is an active supporter of KI, a Teaching Assistant, a Teaching Assistant Coach, and he has awarded several Bronze Scholarships.

We are convinced that the Lord’s hand is on this ministry and we want to be faithful to his commission to go and make disciples! We believe that this is a vehicle that God can use in that process. Why not sign up today and become part of the KI Fellowship?


  1. As of 2023, over 3,000 students have completed Bronze.
  2. As of 2023, KI has over 100 online courses available.