Psalm Enchanted Evening


The most-often quoted reference in the New Testament is the Book of Psalms. The psalms are not only unexcelled for being inspirational and comforting, they are also among the richest sources of prophetic insights in the entire Bible.

It may come as a shock to discover how many Messianic insights are tucked away in the Psalms: from secrets of the creation, to profiles of the ultimate (and imminent) cosmic war; from the tawdry stresses of those boyhood days growing up in Nazareth, to the exaltation of establishing His Kingdom on the Planet Earth.

It is in the Book of Psalms that we are treated with inspiring vividness of Jesus’ betrayal, His sufferings on the cross, and the ultimate victory over His enemies.

History instructs. Law teaches. Morality persuades. Prophecy announces, rebukes and chastens. However, the Book of Psalms can be the medicine, comfort, and counsel for us all-individually-with an intimacy that is found nowhere else.

It comes as no surprise to discover that many of the most famous personages throughout history regarded their Book of Psalms as among their most prized possessions.

We learn about God by studying the Word of God. However, we gain our awe of God-our “fear” of God-in our devotional life. And there is nothing that compares with a private, intimate, immersion into the richness of the Psalms.

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