Editor's Note

Many of our supporters (and their family and friends) have understood that from the conception of Koinonia House we have had two objectives that the Lord has used to guide our efforts. First and foremost, we have sought to stimulate people into a serious study of God’s Word. Our hope was that everyone we came into contact with would experience the great Joy, Comfort, Amazement and Hope that we have found as we delve ever deeper into the unfathomable depths of God’s Word. Secondly, as God has placed us in “this generation,” we have endeavored to use every possible tool at our disposal to expose others to these wonderful possibilities.

Because of Chuck’s own background and personal experience, Koinonia House has always strived to be on the leading edge of technological trends. Our website was one of the first Christian sites on the Internet. In fact, if any of you remember the “Gopher,” we were there.

As a ministry, our response to the recent technological advances has been to develop a greater electronic presence than ever before. One of the first obvious steps toward that is publishing an electronic edition of Personal UPDATE News Journal. This month is the first official month of its publication. With the release of the electronic edition, we have taken an opportunity to “redesign” our publications to better enable our future electronic growth. This publication can be displayed in several mobile formats and soon will be compatible with all. We are very excited with the seemingly limitless possibilities.

This full, multimedia edition will provide not only access to what we believe is important information about current global and domestic events, but it will also provide the surrounding background information for your own personal study. We are providing this as an added feature of your existing subscription to the print edition of the News Journal. We are waiting with great anticipation for new stories of discovery and growth in the Lord through this new format.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers. For more on receiving the electronic edition go to: https://resources.khouse.org.


Dr. Gordon McDonald

Executive Director of Koinonia Institute

Research and Analysis