A Message from Outside Time

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Since God has the technology to create us in the first place, He certainly has the technology to get a message to us. But how does He authenticate His message?

It may seem old-fashioned to take the Bible seriously, especially in our modern age of scientific discoveries and multicultural emphases. It has become politically correct to deny the existence of absolutes and to deny the involvement of our Creator in our affairs. And yet there are many intellectual and well-informed people who take the Bible very seriously—who even regard its origin as supernatural. Why?

My own personal background has been in the information sciences—computers, communication, cryptography, and the like. With graduate degrees in engineering and business, and having spent a 30-year career in the corporate boardrooms of over a dozen high-tech enterprises, I have become most profoundly impressed by two astonishing discoveries:

  1. The 66 books which we call the Bible constitute a highly integrated message system. What makes this so astonishing is the fact that they were penned by more than forty different people over a period of several thousand years!1 Yet we now discover that virtually every detail of the Biblical text evidences a highly skillful integrated design from cover to cover. In fact, every word, every place name, every detail was apparently placed there (in the original) deliberately as part of an overall intricate plan.
  2. What is even more astounding is that it can be demonstrated that the origin of this intricate design is from outside of our dimension of space and time.

The Nature of Time

While philosophers throughout history have debated almost every idea under the sun since the world began, the one thing that they all have presumed—from the beginning—is that time is linear and absolute. Most of us assume that a minute a thousand years ago is the same as a minute today, and that we live in a dimension in which time inexorably rolls onward, yet is totally intractable to any attempt to glimpse ahead. Traversing the dimension of time remains the ever-popular realm of fiction writers, and, apparently, a few strange experiments of the particle physicists.2

This linear view of time is exemplified by our frequent resort to “time lines.” When we were in school, our teachers would draw a line on the blackboard. The left end of the line might represent the beginning of something—the birth of a person, or the founding of a nation, or an era. The right end of the line would demark the termination of that subject—the death of a person or the ending of an era.

Therefore, when we consider the concept of “eternity,” we tend to view it as a line of infinite length—from “infinity” on the left and continuing toward “infinity” on the right.

When we think of “God,” we naturally assume that He is someone “with lots of time.” But this linear view suffers from the misconceptions carried over from an obsolete physics. Today we owe a great debt to the efforts of Dr. Albert Einstein.

It was the insight of Dr. Einstein, in considering the nature of our physical universe, that we live in more than just three dimensions, and that time itself is a fourth physical dimension. This insight led to his famous General Theory of Relativity—and to the discovery that time itself is also part of our physical reality.

People like us, who believe in physics, know that the distinction between past, present and the future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.

— Albert Einstein

The Dimensions of Reality

We now realize that we live in (at least) four dimensions: not just the three spatial dimensions of length, width and height, but also with an additional physical dimension of time.3 Time is now known to be a physical property—and that time varies with mass, acceleration and gravity.

A time measurement device in a weaker gravitational field runs faster than one in a stronger field. Near the surface of the Earth the frequency of an atomic clock decreases about one part in 1016 per meter, and, thus, a clock 100 meters higher than a reference clock will have a frequency greater by one part in 1014.

Most discussions of the physics of time will also include the interesting case of two hypothetical astronauts born at the same instant. One remains on the Earth; the other is sent on a space mission to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, about 4½ light years distant. If his vehicle travels at a speed of half the velocity of light, when our traveler returns to the Earth he would be more than two years younger than his twin brother!4 (If that doesn’t bother you, you weren’t paying attention!)

Our Common Misconception

Is God subject to gravity? Is He subject to the constraints of mass or acceleration? Hardly. God is not someone “who has lots of time”: He is outside the domain of time altogether. That is what Isaiah means when he says, “It is He who inhabits eternity.”5

Since God has the technology to create us in the first place, He certainly has the technology to get a message to us. But how does He authenticate His message? How does He assure us that the message is really from Him and not a fraud or a contrivance?

One way to authenticate the message is to demonstrate that its source is from outside of our time domain. God declares, “I alone know the end from the beginning.”6 His message includes history written in advance.

An illustrative example is that of a parade. As we might sit on the curb and observe the many bands, marching units, floats, and other elements coming around the corner and passing in front of us, the parade is—to us—clearly a sequence of events. However, to someone who is outside the plane of the parade’s existence—say, in a helicopter above the city—the beginning and the end can be simultaneously in view.

(It is amazing how many theological paradoxes evaporate when one recognizes the restrictions of viewing our predicament only from within our own time dimension.)7

A Message of Extraterrestrial Origin

We are in possession of this collection of 66 books we call The Bible, written by more than 40 authors over several thousands of years, yet we now discover it is an integrated message from outside our time domain. It repeatedly authenticates this uniqueness by describing history before it happens. And this discovery totally shatters our traditional concepts of reality.

This month’s briefing, gleaned from a lifetime of collecting, highlights only a few of the remarkable discoveries that reveal the astonishing realities lying behind the Biblical text, which we trust will elevate your appreciation for the uniqueness of its message and its implications for you personally.

We hope you find it disruptive to the comfort of your presuppositions—disturbing, provocative, yet desperately helpful. Available on the K-House Online Store.


  1. Job was far earlier than even the books of Moses.
  2. There are examples in particle physics where a positron is understood to be an electron in a time reversal. See Beyond Time and Space, and Beyond Perception, with notes, Koinonia House.
  3. The ancient Hebrew scholar Nachmonides, writing in the 12th century, concluded from his studies of Genesis that the universe had 10 dimensions—only four are knowable, with six are beyond our knowing. It is interesting that particle physicists today have concluded that we live in 10 dimensions: three spatial dimensions and time are directly measurable. The remaining six are “curled” in less than 10-33 cm. and are only inferable by indirect means. (See Beyond Perception, Koinonia House.)
  4. Lorentz transformation: Ts = Te / (1 - v2/c2)2.
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