Learn the Bible in 24 Hours - To the World

Bible Study

Dr. Chuck Missler’s Learn the Bible in 24 Hours series is the foundational study for all Koinonia Institute students. Since its launch in 2005, thousands of people worldwide have enjoyed learning the Bible in an exciting way with Chuck as he leads them to discover that the Bible is an “integrated message system that is from outside our time domain.”

Upgrade and Remastering Project

With the current availability of more modern video tools, Koinonia House, in association with Lyonshead Media, has remastered the whole 24-part series to a clearer High Definition (HD) standard. We have also updated all of Chuck’s Power Point slides to his most current layout standard. Therefore, all LTB24H DVDs now being sold by Koinonia House will be to this improved presentation standard but still at normal DVD quality.

English Subtitles

We have added the option for viewing each session with English subtitles. Switch this optional feature on, and you can follow Chuck as he takes you on an amazing journey through the Bible. As Dr. Missler will often use terms that are not easily understood as the session flashes by, the use of subtitles allows the viewer to follow along “line by line.” This way you won’t miss a word that may be essential to understanding the whole teaching. Therefore, the use of subtitles is not just for the Hearing Impaired but for anyone who has “an ear to hear what the Spirit is saying to the Church.”

Foreign Language Subtitles

With these new enhancements to the Learn the Bible in 24 Hours series we recognize the opportunity we have to add foreign languages as optional subtitles. Therefore, we have launched a project that will translate the entire 24 sessions of LTB24H into at least 20 foreign languages. We will then embed the translated text as a subtitle option available on the video version of the series. We will also have the individual translation teams provide the foreign language translation of the Koinonia Institute student material so we will have a complete package of teaching the Bible that can be used to reach the whole world. Lord willing, we have a target date of early 2017 for the phase one release of the remastered Learn the Bible in 24 Hours series with foreign language subtitles.

Be a LTB24H Translator?

We can see that a very popular source of creative effort through the internet is available through “online crowd sourcing.” Basically, this is where people from around the world volunteer their time and talents to collectively complete a project. If you would like to participate in a volunteer translation team, please contact us LTB24World@khouse.org.

HD Download and HD Video on Demand Format Available

All LTB24H download (MP4) files are now available in the HD format. This will provide clearer viewing of this important material. The sharper images allow you to see more detail, especially when viewing some of Chuck’s more complicated diagrams. One additional feature of the HD Download files is that they are available to download onto any compatible device owned by the purchaser.

Double Play Offer

When you buy this upgraded DVD series, you will also be able to download the HD versions for free in your K-House store account “My Downloads” section. This way you get the best of both worlds. In other words, you can have your DVDs and Download too.

Unlimited HD Download Upgrade Available

Once you buy a copy of Learn the Bible in 24 Hours DVD set or HD Download, you will have the capability always to come back to the K-House store (store.khouse.org) and download the most recent version of this ever-improving material. This will especially be useful as we add more foreign language translations to each session.

YouTube Version

The whole series of Learn the Bible in 24 Hours will ultimately be available for free on our YouTube channel, YouTube.com/KoinoniaHouse. Our primary purpose for doing this is for support for the ongoing KI Small Groups that are going through this material. 

Because each session has full English subtitles, you can now use the extra features of the YouTube word-search feature to locate any word or phrase within a session. This means that it will tell you the exact location in the video where your search text exists. This is a great feature for those of you who wish to know where Chuck said, “such and such…” This Time-Code-to-Text feature will also allow the viewer to follow the English text and the selected foreign language text at the same time.

Can We Out Give God?

With the launch of this project, we are facing the challenge that we are ultimately offering the “Flagship of our Fleet” of teaching material for FREE. As with any other ministry-based organization, we have bills to pay. In the past, we have looked to the revenue from the sale of our materials to be our primary source of funding our overhead and project development.

With the launch of our “Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – to the World” program we intend to utilize all of the available channels of distribution available to us to spread this teaching as far and wide as we can without considering how or where to offset our expenses. In a small way, we as a ministry are taking up the challenge of Malachi 3:10 by trusting in the Lord God Almighty to supply according to His will for this ministry as we put the matters of His Kingdom ahead of our needs. Please pray that God will abundantly open doors for ministry in the whole world.

In HIS service,
Ron Matsen, Under Rower