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Back in 2016 when we finished our remaster of Chuck Missler’s internationally well-known series Learn the Bible in 24 Hours, we knew we wanted it to be used as a tool for years to come. Which is why two of our team members poured countless hours into perfecting the English subtitles, with the vision that it could be used for translation purposes as well as to help the impaired. As a result the first set of foreign language subtitles have been provided to us by two wonderful ladies worked tirelessly, finishing at the beginning of 2017, they produced a highly accurate set of Spanish subtitles for the series.

Here is what they have to say with regards to their service:


I watched LB24Hrs a year ago, and I loved it, and I wanted to translate it, but without English subtitles it’s very difficult, but when I saw the new remastered version on the Koinonia YouTube channel with English subtitles, I wanted to translate it to share it with my family and brothers in Christ. I shared with my parents and some of my few Christians friends in Chile and regardless their different backgrounds, they all loved the series. This wonderful study motivates to search the Scriptures more and more, and discover that actually every page of the Bible speak of Jesus Christ, exactly like He said. “I think more people today are discovering Jesus in the Old Testament, not only in the classics messianic prophecies of the Tanaj, but also in types and figures. It seems to be that the increase of the apostasy that we see in our times is proportional to the increase of knowledge within the Body of Christ, concerning prophecy and concerning the Person of Jesus Christ Himself, in fulfillment of Daniel 12:4 and 10 ‘and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand’.”

On the internet, there are no studies of Chuck Missler in Spanish, however many Spanish-speaking people are familiar with their studies, as is Silvia, my Argentinean sister who I met through Koinonia, and worked with me in translating the subtitles. In Spanish it is hard to find many audio-visual studies that address bible prophecy and the second coming of Christ, so I believe Learn the Bible in 24 Hours will be a fascinating study for all of them that love His appearing.

As Dr. Missler always says about this series, I also hope that all those who watch it may have a fear and respect for the Scriptures as a whole package. Rather than become dependent on a good biblical teacher, this study will guide them to scrutinize more and more the Holy Scriptures, something that we cannot delegate to anyone else.

I am sure that those who seek to understand the Word of God will love this study, and I trust that the Holy Spirit shall teach all things to all of them that had put their trust in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.


I was born in Argentina, Spanish is my mother tongue, and I studied there, finishing my Secondary School and a few years of Philosophy and Psychology. Reading many good Spanish literature books ( before I become Christian ) helped me to reach what I consider a good level of the language. Traveling through Spanish speaking countries also helped to widen the knowledge of what today is considered the second language of the world.

The Lord blessed me with the unexpected possibility to travel through many countries since I became Christian in 1998. I joined a Spanish speaking evangelical Pentecostal church in Spain in which I served in different ministries during 8 years, until the Holy Spirit clearly sent me to England. Searching for more, I got to hear Dr Missler in an interview on the God channel. I was very intrigued about his teachings of Genesis Chapter 6 and that was the beginning of my real maturing in the knowledge of God and His Holy Word, enrolling in Koinonia Institute in 2013 and finishing the Bronze Medallion Course.

Due to my experience visiting different churches in Spain, Argentina and Cuba, I could see clearly that the Spanish speaking churches were lacking in a good real deep knowledge of His word, and many times I could see that even the teaching was wrong! I started praying asking God to give me the opportunity to help in any way He chose and for several years it looked like God was silent. One day, watching Dr. Missler and Ron Matsen in Q & A, they shared their desired to translate Learn the Bible in 24 Hours and were looking for volunteers. I didn’t doubt one second, I knew that was God answering my prayers!! And after a while, when I thought I didn’t have a chance to help in such a wonderful ministry, I was contacted by email… Hallelujah!!

I started to help with the translation of Learn the Bible in 24 hours, what joy ! What a blessing, learning more and more as I was writing on my keyboard the words God dictated !

My expectations about the translation in Spanish of Learn the Bible in 24 Hours are ambitious. It is a very anointed teaching, and I know the opportunity to view the videos in Spanish will make this to be a vital tool in the maturing of believers. I am praying for pastors also, that they would use this important instrument to be able to preach from their pulpits with a deeper understanding of the Word, in an anointed and powerful way, and for the hearers to learn what I consider to be wonderful hidden treasures of the Bible. I always considered we must know the whole counsel of God and this is what Learn the Bible in 24 Hours teaches very clearly, the Bible from cover to cover.

My hope is that the Holy Spirit will touch many hearts and minds, like He did with me, imparting the same hunger to learn more and more of His knowledge for a better service for the Lord.


Viktoria, who so far, has translated the first four sessions into Hungarian had this to say:

Just a short story connected to the topic if I may: This very day, one of my students asked for some teaching and now I could recommend your site and session 1 with Hungarian subtitles… as it is available for native Hungarians without any knowledge of English. Isn’t it great? I felt really honoured and grateful.

Silvia and Helena have also translated our ‘Angels’ books into Spanish, ‘ÁNGELES Volumen 1 LA GUERRA CÓSMICA’ will be available from November 2017 with ‘Volumen 2’ following shortly after.

We have also had a Russian family dedicate time to Learn the Bible in 24 Hours and they have provided the first 6 sessions.

Lars from Sweden has been working hard translating into Swedish.

In total, our first session of Learn the Bible in 24 Hours has 8 languages in addition to our own English subtitles.

You can watch Learn the Bible in 24 Hours on our YouTube Channel.You can also purchase the downloads in HD which have both English and Spanish subtitles from our store.

If you would like to participate in the translation project, please email

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