Koinonia House - Version 2.0

The Legacy Project

Hello friends, Bob Cornuke and I traveled from Colorado to New Zealand in February to spend time working on K-house projects with Ron Matsen and the Koinonia House New Zealand team. New Zealand is a beautiful place and The River Lodge is a quiet place of peace safely tucked away in the Southern Hemisphere. Bob and Ron also filmed a Forge video responding to critics about his Temple book. When you get a chance, I highly recommend watching the video (at the end of this article). If Bob’s research is correct, his findings could have a considerable end-time impact.

As a team, this week has been full of prayer and heart-to-heart conversations about the ministry’s future, combined with laughter and good times followed by even more serious discussions about archaeological discoveries and the modern state of the Body of Christ, we feel the Holy Spirit is guiding us onward.

The discussions centering around the future came back to how we can best serve the Body of Christ through unique opportunities that God has given K-House under Chuck Missler’s influence as well as his library of work. The reality is, whether ready or not, that every ministry goes through seasons of transition. To further emphasize the direction of our discussion, while we were together we received news of the death of Billy Graham. It is hard to see many pillars of yesterday’s Christian movement aging out of ministry. Although sad for us, they each are stepping into their heavenly rewards for lives well lived. Time has a cold way of reminding all of us about the brevity of life. Psalm 39:4 says, “Lord, make me to know mine end, and the measure of my days, what it is: that I may know how frail I am.”

There is only one Chuck Missler. There will only be one Chuck Missler. He was born in a unique era of emerging technological development, with an unusually high IQ, and God gave him an appetite to use his gifts to study scripture. I don’t want to take the time to recap all of Chuck’s background, but if you want to review it in depth, here’s a link: chuckmissler.com.

Besides being a great Bible teacher and man of God, Chuck created a certain genre of Bible teaching. Genre is defined as a category of artistic composition, as in music or literature, characterized by similarities in form, style, or subject matter. To describe the uniqueness of the K-House ministry genre, I’ll borrow a phrase from Bob Cornuke that stuck this week, “We sometimes have to leave the safe harbor of mutual consent to find truth.” Chuck and the K-House team have consistently sailed out of that harbor and have research projects to prove it!

With Acts 17:11 being Chuck’s cornerstone, he taught us to be like the Bereans. So many subject matters in our Christian life now in this heightened age of deceit require a diligent Berean approach. We firmly believe the future will require an even greater adherence to the Berean approach to God’s word mixed with an Issacharian discernment.

And of the children of Issachar, which were men that had understanding of the times, to know what Israel ought to do;

1 Chronicles 12:32

For 22 years, I personally have benefited from Chuck Missler’s Bible study commentaries as a study tool. Whether working in my twenties bi-vocationally for Larry Burkett’s Crown Financial Ministry or through my thirties and into my forties as a local brick-and-mortar church pastor in ministry. Even now operating my own ministries and serving as a K-House ministry affiliate, I cling ever closer to the Word of God and a large tool box of Biblical research and experiences to navigate this landscape.

For both Bob Cornuke and Ron Matsen, their relationship with Dr. Missler goes back even further to the Southern California days at Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa under Pastor Chuck Smith. Each man has been successful over the years partly due to the teaching and example they received from Chuck Missler’s ministry.

K-House possesses the sacred trust of 1000’s of hours of materials, of discoveries, and ministry relationships. The primary focus and function of Chuck Missler’s ministry has always been to conduct the serious study of God’s word, “66 books written by 40 different authors over many thousands of years, yet creating an integrated message system.” Like me, many of you heard Chuck’s voice in your head reading that last sentence. So, what is God doing for Koinonia House 2.0?

Team Uniqueness

As Ron was sharing what God has put on his heart about the vision for the future, I was encouraged looking around at the high-quality team God has been assembling. This is a very talented and special group of people called to continue the legacy of Koinonia House ministry. Everyone has a different yet amazing story, many on the team assembled have even come from different countries down to New Zealand to lend their experience and expertise. Most of all the call of God is on their life to build this great ministry. I watched how discussions were hashed out about concepts, ministry was strategized, artwork was dreamed up and almost instantly created. Then I watched how The River Lodge conference room was quickly converted to the recording studio environment to create the videos that have been seen by millions of people across the world. This team is efficient, they are proficient, and I believe they have been gathered together to continue this mission.

Future of the Ministry

Ron’s ultimate vision for Koinonia House is to create a repository of Biblical knowledge full of personal study notes all collected in your own personal resource library. There would be materials on every book of the Bible, every chapter of every book and every verse of every chapter. On top of that, there will be a large library of topical materials too. Koinonia House will create a hub of serious Bible scholarship that end-users could take with them as a ministry toolbox for success in whatever Kingdom field God has called them to. There will continue to be new resources created by men and women called to speak into this Berean and Issachar style of ministry. What a blessing!

God has given many people a passion to invest in this type of ministry toolbox and for those who do so regularly we are very grateful. Your investment into the Koinonia House ministry fuels us to provide materials that equip the Body of Christ. Thank you for making a difference. Lives are being changed, and that is the Legacy we are working to continue.

I have two requests.

  • Share your story to encourage us and allow us to encourage others by the word of your testimony.
  • Invest in the Kingdom through the work of K-House.

Gunnar Johnson
The Legacy Project