The Legacy Project

One night during the 2017 Strategic Trend Conference I went out to dinner with a guy who was also around 40 years old and fueled by a passion for the Lord. He was full of Biblical insights and passion for life. To my surprise, his story of connection with Chuck Missler was one launched out of a personal, heartbreaking tragedy and quest to disprove the existence of God. Probably a lot like you, I love a good agnostic-to-Christ-follower story.

My name is Adam. I grew up in Florida with a family that believed in God, the God of the Bible. As a young man I called myself a Christian but I wasn’t a very good one. The older I got, the further away from God I got. It took me a while to figure that out. First I had to realize that the God of the Bible was the true God.

Jesus said, “No man can come to me, except the Father which hath sent me draw him”. So God threw in his net and drew me out and He used two key people to do it. My older brother Brian and Chuck Missler.

I love my brother Brian very much but his death was the best thing that ever happened to me. I was lost, willingly deceived by the world into believing that there probably was a God but I’m too busy to even try to get to know him. But then my brother died unexpectedly. People I knew would come up to me saying that he was in a better place, and that he’s looking down on me, and all of the other feel good things that people say about those who passed away. My response would always be that of someone who was truly lost. I would say things like, “if there is a God, my brother is not with Him and if God knew my brother then he is not watching down from God’s heaven.” I foolishly believed that there wasn’t much difference between life and a light switch. Once it’s turned off it’s just gone.

I needed to be able to give a better argument to these Christians about why there most likely was no such thing as life after death. So I looked into the Bible to find every contradiction that I could. I watched YouTube videos and looked up atheist websites to come up with better arguments against Christians and I told my wife that once I could prove the Bible to be false I was going to throw the whole thing into the trash.

In order to prove something false your arguments have to be truthful. Anyone who goes to the Bible looking for a hook to hang their doubts upon will definitely find one. But I wanted more than doubts. I wanted proof of truth no matter where it may lead.

During my quest of proving the Bible wrong I began to realize that I was actually proving that all of atheists were wrong. They were not being truthful. Many times their whole argument was built upon something as simple as phrases, a word, or a verse taken out of context. I found my walls were slowly coming down more and more and I was the one proving the Bible to be truthful and no longer agreeing with the contradictive websites and videos I had been watching.

I remember the moment it happened. When I realized that my journey to set out and prove the Bible to be false had done a 180 on me and now I was the one proving that the Bible was truthful.

I was sitting at my desk and it hit me. All at once I stood up on my feet and with both of my hands on my head I asked “do you mean to tell me that all of this is real?”

At that moment I realized the Bible is truthful, there is a God, There is a Jesus, and the Bible is the word of God.

If there is no God then nothing matters but if there is a God then nothing else matters. My new mission was to learn everything about him that I could.

Around the same time a prophecy conference came to town and my mother was one of the attendees. One of the keynote speakers could not make it and was replaced by a man named Chuck Missler. After she heard him speak she could not wait to tell me and my younger brother about Chuck.

Now with the new hunger and fresh eyes I wanted to learn the Bible as quickly as I could. My mother introduced me to Chuck Missler Who just so happen to have a DVD series titled “Learn The Bible In 24 Hours.” I found myself rushing home from work so that I could sit in front of the TV and learn everything that Chuck had to tell me. I Studied that series for several hours a day until I had reached the end. I was sad that it was over but I was so excited to learn that he had made a DVD or CD series for each one of the books of the Bible. I begin with Genesis and then Exodus and then the book of Revelation. I found myself bouncing around from the Old Testament to the New Testament with one book tying into another. The old testament is the concealed version of the New Testament while the New Testament revealed what the old was telling us. Chuck Missler so captivated my life that today, eight years later I still listen to multiple hours of Chuck Missler almost every day. Of course I have all of his teachings and I consider Them to be among my most cherished possessions.

I truly love the word of God and I truly love Chuck Missler whom God has used to changed my life and the life of my family. From the bottom of my heart I would like to say thank you Chuck Missler and thank you K-house. You truly have my support and The support of my family. I pray that God continues to bless you.

Your investment into the Koinonia House ministry fuels us to provide materials that draws people to Christ in a lost and dying world. Thank you for making a difference.

Lives are being changed and that is the Legacy we are working to continue.

I have three requests.

  1. Pray for us and allow us to pray for you. We gather as a team to pray for requests every Wednesday. Our prayer e-mail address is prayer@khouse.org.
  2. Share your story to encourage us and allow us to encourage others by the word of your testimony.
  3. Invest in the Kingdom through the work of K-House.