Alien Encounters: Ancient Visitors


“The copy of the Genesis Apocryphon discovered at Qumran dates back to the second century B.C. . . . When discovered in 1947, it had been much mutilated from the ravages of time and humidity. . . . When scholars finally made public its content, the document confirmed that celestial beings from the skies had landed on planet Earth. More than that, it told how these beings had mated with Earth-women and had begat giants.”

I.D.E. Thomas, The Omega Conspiracy1

The appearance of unidentified flying objects in the skies of planet Earth is not a recent phenomenon. Indeed, flying chariots, celestial cars, winged disks, luminous cloudships, and glowing apparitions have profoundly impacted mankind since the beginning of recorded history.

According to Jacques Vallee, the world-renowned UFO researcher portrayed in the 1977 blockbuster movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind, the folklore of every culture throughout history is replete with sightings of extraordinary aerial phenomen akin to our modern UFO sightings. In 1969 Vallee wrote a fascinating book, Passport to Magonia, in which he catalogued the history of UFO sightings. Regarding such visitations, Vallee stated, “. . . The folklore of every culture, it turned out, had a rich reservoir of stories about humanoid beings that flew in the sky, used devices that seemed in advance of the technology of the time.”2

UFO researchers John Weldon and Zola Levitt echoed this in their book, UFOs: What on Earth Is Happening?:

“UFOs seem to have been around for a long time. We can find odd references to ‘circles of fire in the sky’ in many historical documents and even in cave paintings. While we seem to be experiencing a great upsurge in reported sightings in our own day, every age seems to have had similar stories.” 3

Ancient Astronauts?

It is widely believed that man’s most ancient civilizations arose in the Middle East, near the Tigris and Euphrates rivers, in the region known as the Fertile Crescent. In fact, the most ancient written records we possess are from the Sumerians, who abruptly appeared in this area in the third millennium b.c.

The history of Sumer has primarily been reconstructed from thousands of clay tablets and cylinders written in cuneiform script. Recorded on those tablets are stories of the “gods which came down to Earth from the heavens.” Popular authors—such as Erich von Daniken, Zecharia Sitchin, and others—have interpreted these texts as visitations by highly advanced “ancient astronauts” who flew to Earth in spaceships and were worshiped as “gods” by virtually every ancient culture. Proponents of this “ancient astronaut” theory believe that these extraterrestrials were responsible for the abrupt appearance of complex human societies and high technology that permitted ancient man to build the pyramids, Stonehenge, and many other artifacts that cannot be duplicated to this day. Many scholars disagree, arguing that the cuneiform texts are too cryptic to be interpreted as extraterrestrial visitations. Nevertheless, the Sumerian cuneiform texts do speak of beings from the heavens coming to Earth and interacting with mankind.

In support of the ancient astronaut theory, proponents point to a number of engravings that were carved on stone in ancient Sumer and Mesopotamia. These petroglyphs depict scenes which, according to the ancient astronaut theory, represent ancient flying ships piloted by humanoid extraterrestrials.

One of the most fascinating is a Sumerian engraving discovered on a clay cylinder which is suggestive of an ancient flying ship floating above the ground with wings or, as some have suggested, extended solar panels.

From the mythology of ancient Assyria we find the story of Ashur, the winged god of war. This ancient deity is typically represented as a humanoid form, bow in hand, adjacent to a winged disk.


According to many, Ashur was an adaptation of an earlier flying god, Ahura-Mazda, who was embraced by the prophet Zoroaster in the sixth century b.c.4


The ultimate origin of the myth of Ahura-Mazda, called “Lord of Wisdom,” is not known. However, by the time this deity was embraced by Zoroaster, the legend of this flying god of wisdom had been in existence for at least a thousand years.

These winged humanoid deities are very reminiscent of those depicted in most ancient hieroglyphs of Egypt. In fact, the existence of flying humanoid “gods” who came to Earth, interacted with and even interbred with mankind, are found extensively in the literature of ancient Egypt, Greece, the Incas, Mayas, Hindus, Native Americans, and others.

The Wonders of Egypt

Egypt remains one of the most ancient and mysterious cultures in history. The stunning archaeological accomplishments of that region are unequaled in history. Two of the most mysterious monuments of Egypt are the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx of the Giza plateau. Their purpose unknown, they stand as architectural marvels.


The Great Pyramid of Giza, known as Khafre, is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World and is believed to be the largest building ever erected on Earth. It has a volume that is 30 times that of the Empire State Building and weighs almost six million tons. Its base covers 13.6 acres. Its length is 755.75 feet (230.4 m) on each side, and its original height was 481.4 feet (147 m). It was constructed using over 2,300,000 limestone blocks, each with an average weight of 2.5 tons. Between the stones a gap of .02 inches was allowed for the placement of cement. Some of the stone blocks weigh almost a hundred tons. Yet, they are so carefully fashioned that a single piece of paper cannot be slipped between them. These specifications exceed the tolerances allowed for the tiles of the Space Shuttle! The pyramid was covered with an outer casing of 144,000 polished white limestone tiles, which could be seen from hundreds of miles away on a clear day.

Incredibly, the Great Pyramid is aligned to true north better than the Paris observatory. Its four sides are aligned to the four points of the compass with only a one-twelfth degree of variation. According to some experts this variance is due to the gradual movement of the Earth’s axis rather than errors in design. The edges of the Great Pyramid are straight to less than half of an inch along its perimeter. And despite weighing millions of tons, the Great Pyramid has settled less than an inch. Tolerances such as these are unequaled in the modern era of architectural design and construction.

At the nearby Valley Temple of Khafre there are hundreds of stone blocks whose weight exceeds two hundred tons. According to Graham Hancock, “At present there are only two land-based cranes in the world that could lift weights of this magnitude. . . . In other words, modern builders with the advantages of high-tech engineering at their disposal can barely hoist weights of 200 tons. Was it not, therefore, somewhat surprising that the builders at Giza had hoisted such weights on an almost routine basis?”5

In recent decades, numerous international teams of structural engineers, architects, and scientists have attempted to decipher the methods used in constructing the Great Pyramid of Giza. Yet, even with current technology, our greatest minds still cannot duplicate the architectural achievements of ancient Egypt.

To date no one has found any records describing why, when, and how the pyramids and the Sphinx were constructed. Even more astonishing is the fact that recent archaeological studies indicate that the Great Pyramid and the Sphinx may have been built over 12,000 years ago.6

Throughout the mythology of ancient Egypt we find numerous stories of the flying “gods” who came down to instruct and guide the ancient Egyptians. According to some legends, these “gods” flew on “celestial disks” or “flying boats.”

Because of their staggering technological achievements and the stories of the ancient flying “gods,” many have speculated that the ancient Egyptians were given this advanced technology by an advanced race of extraterrestrials.7

The “Winged Disk” of Ra

According to Egyptian mythology the sun god, known as Ra, was lord of the universe and flew in a “celestial boat.” He was usually depicted with a human body and the head of a hawk. Horus, a descendant of Ra and the son of Isis (the nature goddess), was the god of the sky, of light and goodness. Horus was usually depicted as a falcon or a falcon-headed man. Horus was one of the gods who, according to Egyptian mythology, flew on the “winged disk” of Ra, “which shined with many colors,” a description which many believe is the most accurate description of a UFO in ancient history.

A description of the “winged disk” of Ra was inscribed in hieroglyphic text in the temple at Edfu, an ancient Egyptian city dedicated to Horus. The inscription deals with the activities of the gods long before the reign of the pharaohs.

“So Horus, the Winged Measurer, flew up toward the horizon in the Winged Disk of Ra; it is therefore that he has been called from that day on Great God, Lord of the Skies. . . . Then Horus, the Winged Measurer, reappeared in the Winged Disk, which shined in many colors; and he came back to the boat of Ra, the Falcon of the Horizon. . . . And Thoth said: ‘O Lord of the gods! The Winged Measurer has returned in the great Winged Disk, shining with many colors.’ ” 8

In the Egyptian Book of the Dead a similar description is found in a story about the goddess Isis attempting to escape from the god Seth. In the story, Isis, the mother of Horus, is attempting to save the life of her son by escaping from Seth who is trying to kill him. With assistance from the god Thoth, Isis escapes from Seth in the Boat of the Celestial Disk.

“Then Isis sent forth a cry to heaven and addressed her appeal to the Boat of Millions of Years. And the Celestial Disk stood still, and moved not from the place where it was. And Thoth came down, and he was provided with magical powers, and possessed the great power. . . . And he said: ‘O Isis, thou goddess, thou glorious one . . . I have come this day in the Boat of the Celestial Disk from the place where it was yesterday . . . I have come from the skies to save the child for his mother.’ ” 9

With these remarkable records of the gods of Egypt flying on a winged celestial disk and the flying boat of Ra, it is easy to see why UFO researchers have embraced these texts as proof of ancient visitations by a technologically advanced race of extraterrestrial beings. It is equally easy to understand why the ancient Egyptians worshiped them as gods. There are many other Egyptian texts which are equally suggestive of UFO activity in ancient times.

According to Weldon and Levitt, the sighting of UFO-like objects was again recorded by ancient Egyptians many centuries after the pyramids were built.

“. . . The Egyptians, no mean scientists for those early times, also noted UFO phenomena. A papyrus record of the annals of Pharaoh Thutmos III (ca. 1600 B.C.) mentions ‘circles of fire in the sky.’ The circles were as bright as the sun, according to the record, very numerous and dominating the sky. A terrible stench, a factor common to many modern reports, was associated with the appearance of these fiery disks.” 10

Ancient Rome

The appearance of unusual aerial phenomenon in the Middle East continued long after the events in ancient Egypt. During the period of the Greek and Roman empires from the fourth century b.c. to about 17 b.c., a number of unusual sightings were recorded. According to Weldon and Levitt,

“The writings of certain Roman historians, when corroborated in other areas, record incidents of unidentified objects in the skies over Rome in the third and fourth centuries B.C.11 Wilkins specifies that Pliny, Seneca, Tacitus, and Lycosthenes, among several other reliable chroniclers of the time, all make mention of this phenomenon. Titus Livius and Julius Obsequens list eight specific locations of sightings, extending from the Gulf of Venice in 213 B.C. to Umbria in 16 b.c. Pliny spoke of a “fiery shield” that swept across the sky, and the historian Livy used the words “phantom ships” when referring to celestial craft sighted in his time (60–17 B.C.).” 12

Even the army of Alexander the Great is said to have been frightened by large, luminous aerial objects that “buzzed” the troops around 330 b.c.13

The Dark Ages and Beyond

In the centuries that followed the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the appearance of unusual aerial phenomenon continued unabated worldwide. The medieval times are replete with stories about “luminous cloudships,” “shiny disks,” “flying chariots,” and the visitation of strange, but humanoid creatures.

“. . . Cloudships and Luminous Strangers start popping up again in about the sixth century A.D. Glowing aerial objects become evident again in the literature of many countries. Jacques Bergier says that practically every year of the Dark Ages saw reports of ‘luminous strangers’ being made.” 14

In a.d. 583 Gregory of Tours, a French historian, saw numerous globes of fire that moved about in the sky.15 One of the most intriguing incidents in history occurred during the reign of Charlemagne (a.d. 742–814). During this period Agobard, the Archbishop of Lyons, recorded an astonishing event in which four people were seen falling (floating?) from an “aerial ship.” They were accused of sorcery, a capital crime, but were spared when the Archbishop intervened and said that the event never occurred.16

In the 13th century monastic records in Europe reported a number of unusual aerial phenomenon. According to Weldon and Levitt,

“. . . In 1209 the monks of the Byland Abbey reported a large round silvery disk that flew slowly over them and caused great terror, interrupting an otherwise quiet routine. The brothers of the Cistercian Abbey of Begeland were favored with two such visitations that year. Monastic records often mention UFO phenomena reported by shaken clerics. The 13th century was rather a vintage period for UFOs in England. . . .” 17

In the 15th century the most famous sighting was by no less a world traveler than Christopher Columbus. On October 11, 1492, only hours before land was sighted, Columbus saw a “glimmering light” moving up and down in the distant sky. The light appeared and disappeared numerous times during the night.18

Japanese Sightings

The historical records of medieval Japan are peppered with unusual aerial events which profoundly influenced those who viewed them. According to Vallee, “Ancient Japanese inform us that on October 27, 1180, an unusual luminous object described as an ‘Earthen vessel’ flew from a mountain in Kii Province beyond the northeast mountain of Fukuhara at midnight. After a while, the object changed its course and was lost to sight at the northern horizon, leaving a luminous trail.”19

Early in the morning of September 24, 1235, Japanese General Yoritsume, while camping with his army, sighted a number of unusual aerial objects doing loops in the southwest sky. According to Vallee, this triggered the first “scientific investigation” of a UFO, and the results were predictable. The general’s consultants determined that the entire phenomenon was “natural.” They determined that the lights observed were the stars being swayed by the excessive winds!20

Regarding the impact of these events, Vallee has stated that unusual “celestial phenomenon” over Japanese skies were so common in the Middle Ages that they “influenced human events in a direct way. Panic, riots, and disruptive social movements were often linked to celestial apparitions.” The following is a partial list.21

  • On August 3, 989, during a period of great social unrest, three round objects of unusual brilliance were observed. Later they joined together.
  • In 1361, a flying object described as being “shaped like a drum, about 20 feet in diameter,” emerged from the inland sea off western Japan.
  • On January 2, 1458, a bright object resembling the full moon was seen in the sky, and this apparition was followed by “curious signs” in the heavens and on Earth.
  • Two months later, on March 17, 1458, five stars appeared, circling the moon. They changed color three times and suddenly vanished.
  • Ten years later, on March 8, 1468, a dark object, which made a “sound like a wheel,” flew from Mt. Kasuga toward the west at midnight.
  • On January 3, 1569, in the evening, a flaming star appeared to float in the sky. It was regarded as an omen of serious changes, announcing the fall of the Chu Dynasty.
  • In May, 1606, fireballs were continuously reported over Kyoto, and one night a whirling ball of fire resembling a red wheel hovered near the Nijo Castle and was observed by many of the samurai.
  • Chaos spread all over Japan on January 2, 1749, when three round objects “like the moon” appeared and were seen for four days. Such a state of social unrest developed and seemed so clearly linked with the mysterious “celestial objects” that the government decided to act. Riot participants were executed, but confusion became total when people observed three “moons” aligned in the sky and, several days later, two “suns.”

The “Star People”

Legends of ancient extraterrestrial visitations from “star beings” or “gods” from outer space is not limited to the Middle East, Europe, and Asia. Indeed, some of the most ancient and detailed traditions of such beings are found in the oral traditions of Native Americans. Some of the traditions are closely guarded secrets available only to those in the inner circles of tribal authority. Others are well-known by outsiders.

In June 1996 at the Yankton Sioux Reservation, South Dakota, a landmark conference called the “Star Knowledge Conference” was convened by Lakota medicine man Standing Elk to share secret tribal traditions about the “Star People” (Extraterrestrials) with a prestigious group of prominent UFO researchers.22 The information shared at this conference had never before been released to those outside tribal circles.

During this conference various tribal leaders of indigenous peoples from New Zealand, the Americas, and Lapland from above the Arctic Circle, shared numerous traditions about ancient and ongoing contacts with the extraterrestrial entities of the “Star Nations.”

Among the many traditions shared by the participants was the belief in ancient “extraterrestrial craft” piloted by the “Star People,” to whom the native peoples owe their origin. Legends of flying disks, flying arrows, and luminous cloudships, it was revealed, are abundant in the folklore of indigenous tribal nations of both hemispheres.

Chet Snow of the Hopi tribe shared his belief that modern day “Crop Circles,” which started showing up in the late 1980s, are messages from the Star Nations and that the same “glyphs” are found in ancient Hopi hieroglyphs.

The conference climaxed with the prediction that the “Star Peoples” from seven different galaxies will return to Earth in the late 1990s. Before that happens we will experience severe Earth changes such as earthquakes, fires, floods, drought, famine, and pesti­lence. Then the White Buffalo Calf Woman, an Extra­ter­restrial who birthed the native peoples, will return to Earth and a new age of peace and harmony will emerge! Time will tell.

A curious aspect to the conference was the fact that the Native American conference participants who have allegedly been contacted by Star People did so by parapsychological means such as telepathy, channeling, out-of-body and near-death experiences.

ETs from the Pleiades?

Several of the Star Knowledge conference participants revealed a Native American tradition, widely held, that their ancestors were descendants of extraterrestrials from the star system Pleiades. According to UFO folklore, the Pleiadians are a “Nordic type” of extraterrestrial and are almost indistinguishable from modern man. Throughout history, legend has it, the Pleiadians have had emissaries among us who have assisted in our “spiritual development.” Standing Elk, the Star Knowledge Conference organizer, spoke of a Sioux medicine man who allegedly has regular visitations by Star People from the Pleiades.

The legends of Pleiadian contact are not limited to North American Natives. In the legends of the Incas, Aztecs, and Mayas of Central and South America, there are also references to contact with “Star Beings” from the Pleiades. In an article, “ETs from the Pleiades,” Robert Stanley notes:

“Religious legends of pre-Inca people state that the universe was inhabited by ‘gods’ and celestial beings who arrived on Earth from the Pleiades. In Bolivia, near Lake Titicaca, are the ruins of the megalithic city of Tiahuanacu. Many of the city walls were constructed from blocks that weigh 60 tons which were further reinforced by metal clamps. Legends relate how it was built in one night by mysterious bearded white men who were giants from Taurus, the constellation of the Pleiades. They are also believed to have descended from the clouds and to have had sexual intercourse with Incan women.” 23


In the city of Teotihuacan, a Mexican archaeological site about 25 miles northeast of Mexico City, are the remains of the earliest city in the western hemisphere. Its monuments include the Pyramid of the Sun, the Pyramid of the Moon, and the Avenue of the Dead, a broad passageway flanked by ruins of temples. The exact period of its construction is unknown. The majority of scholars believe that it flourished around 200 b.c. Others disagree, asserting that the city and its fantastic pyramids were built as early as 4000 b.c., prior to the eruption of a local volcano, Xitli.24

When the Aztecs arrived in this area in the 12th century a.d., the city of Teotihuacan was already in ruins. The identity of the builders of this city, the largest in the pre-Columbian era, is a complete mystery. However, there is a fascinating legend, passed down from the murky past of the pre-Christian era, which asserts that the city and its massive pyramids were also built by giants!25

UFOs in Hindu Mythology?

While the mythology of the Middle East speaks of winged disks, circles of fire, and flying gods, the legends of the ancient Hindus speak of visitations by heavenly beings on aerial “lightning-cars.” The primary sacred literature of the Hindu religion are known as the Vedas. Tradition holds that they were composed by the gods themselves in a previous age. One of the main divisions of the Veda, the Rig-Veda, was composed between 1300 and 1000 b.c. In the Rig-Veda we find a reference to these aerial cars flown by the gods.

“The valiant god his car ascends, swept by his fervid bounding speeds, athwart the sky the hero speeds. The Marut-hosts his escort form, impetuous spirits of the storm. On flashing lightning-cars they ride, and gleam in warlike pomp and pride. . . . Like lions’ roar their voice of doom; With iron force their teeth consume. The hills, the Earth itself, they shake; All creatures at their coming quake.” 26

According to some scholars in the ancient Hindu texts—the Bhagavata-Purana, Mahabharata, and Ramayana—additional descriptions of flying machines called vimanas can be found. Some of the texts, which date back to as far back as 3000 b.c., discuss aerial cars which are described as bright, radiant, and metallic in color. In the Vedas the mythic god of the atmosphere, storms, and rain, named Indra, had an aerial car that was “swifter than thought.” The car had lights on its side and emitted a reddish hue.27 In the Mahabharata there is a story of the arrival of the gods for a wedding feast in their aerial cars.

“The gods in cloud-borne chariots, came into view the scene so fair . . . bright celestial cars in concourse sailed upon the cloudless sky.” 28

Ancient Renderings

Throughout the world a number of ancient carvings and paintings have been discovered which convince some researchers that ancient peoples were visited by sophisticated flying machines and creatures which fit modern descriptions of extraterrestrial entities.

According to Weldon and Levitt there are numerous cave paintings and carvings that suggest the visitation by unusual humanoid creatures and flying disks, cylinders, and ovals:

“Granite carvings in a mountain cave in China’s Hunan Province show figures with large torsos standing upon cylinder-shaped objects in the sky. Below them, pictured on the ground in the carvings, are other similar figures (the artists?). . . . Some 72 caves throughout France and Spain show drawings dating from around 13,000 B.C. of a variety of oval and disk-shaped objects resembling at least the shapes of today’s UFOs.” 29

According to Hopi Indian Chief Dan Katchongva,

“A petroglyph near Mishongnovi on Second Mesa shows flying saucers and travel through space. The arrow on which the dome-shaped object rests, stands for travel through space. The Hopi maiden on the dome shape represents purity. Those Hopi who survive Purification Day will be taken to other planets. We, the faithful Hopi, have seen the ships and know they are true. We have watched nearly all our brethren lose faith in the original teachings and go off on their own course. Near Oraibi was closely shown the Plan of Life, and we are gathered here to await our True White Brother.” 30

In the central Kimberly district of Australia a rock painting was discovered which depicts the mythical mouthless gods of creation, Vonjinda, the object of worship by ancient natives of that region. With their large oval heads and oversized eyes, the resemblance to modern extraterrestrials called “Grays,” the aliens depicted in Steven Speilberg’s blockbuster movie, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, is striking.


The Mingling of Men and “Gods”

Throughout the world’s religious texts we find a number of common threads regarding ancient visitations of beings from the heavens. In the mythology of the Greek and Roman empires we read of the Titans, the giants who were the offspring of the “gods” and their human wives. According to mythology they also assisted in the building of the magnificent monuments of Greece. In the Bible, in the sixth chapter of Genesis, we read that giants were born when the “sons of God” (widely interpreted in modern UFO literature as a race of extraterrestrials) came to the “daughters of men,” an obvious reference to human females. The Bible describes these hybrids as the “mighty men which were of old, men of renown.” According to numerous authors, these “mighty men” of the golden age were the “third party” who assisted mankind in the building of the monuments of Egypt, Stonehenge, the Americas, and the Far East.

“The records of ancient Sumeria tell of gods descending from the stars and fertilizing their ancestors. Like the gods of ancient Greece, the ‘sons of God’ in the sixth chapter of Genesis, and the Pleiadians of pre-Inca mythology, the flying gods of India begat children with women of Earth. These offspring possessed the supernatural skills and attributes of their extraterrestrial fathers.”

“According to the legends of South Sea Islanders, one of the ‘gods of heaven’ visited them in an enormous gleaming egg and fertilized human females, producing Earth’s first offspring. A similar story is found in the Epic of Gilgamesh and the Book of Enoch, where the ‘Watchers,’ a group of supernatural beings, lusted after human females and begat giants. An ancient Persian myth alleges that demons had corrupted Earth and allied themselves with women!” 31

While the stories differ in detail, in each case we have the intermingling of extraterrestrial entities with women of the Earth with the production of supernatural offspring! The prevalence of such legends is echoed by Jim Marrs:

“As the similarities of widely spread cultures continue to be appreciated, a pattern of common worldwide connections is emerging. Egyptian legends tell of Tep Zepi, or the First Time, an age when sky gods came down to Earth, raised the land up from under mud and water, flew through the air in flying ‘boats,’ and gave man laws and wisdom through a royal line of pharaohs. It is intriguing to note that these ancient gods displayed very human attributes. They required food and clothing. They liked to imbibe wine and were not above consorting with comely young ladies. Likewise, South American legends tell of the white, bearded ‘Viracochas’ who lifted indigenous natives out of ignorance and taught them civilization, producing intricate highways and other wonders. They too lived among the native peoples for a time, eating, bathing, and conducting themselves in a very human way.” 32

The notion of extraterrestrial or angelic/supernatural beings consorting with mankind is a disturbing one indeed. Yet, as we have seen, even a casual perusal of the ancient texts of the people of every major continent reveals that this is a prevalent theme. For centuries scholars have either had to take the texts as allegorical myth or as representing some measure of historical fact. In this century the anti-supernatural bias has caused many scholars to favor the former. Yet, studies of ancient mythology have often shown that at their core there is usually a nugget of truth to the myths and legends of old. Moreover, archaeological studies have consistently proven the Bible to be incredibly accurate regarding its historical events. This is confirmed by author Zecharia Sitchen, an expert in Semitic languages who stated,

“Archeological finds and the deciphering of Sumerian, Babylonian, Assyrian, Hittite, Canaanite and other ancient texts and epic tales increasingly confirm the accuracy of the Biblical references to the kingdoms, cities, rulers, places, temples, trade routes, artifacts, tools, and customs of antiquity.” 33

Ancient Visitors, but from Where?

While the evidence examined in this article seems to confirm the antiquity of unusual aerial phenomenon and visitations by humanoid entities, their origin remains a topic of great controversy, even among experienced UFO investigators. The common view is that they are extraterrestrial visitors from another star system. However, the extraterrestrial hypothesis (ETH) has been seriously challenged in recent years by a number of prominent UFO researchers. Well-documented accounts of UFOs that change shape, dematerialize, and defy the laws of physics have challenged the extraterrestrial hypothesis and caused many researchers to speculate that UFOs and their occupants may not be extraterrestrial, but extradimensional beings from beyond the four dimensions of our space-time domain!

Even more important than the question of their origin is that of their purpose for these visitations and their agenda for mankind.

As we will see, an examination of the nature of their contact with mankind and their messages given to human contactees has caused many to suspect that their agenda is indeed sinister and that mankind is being programmed and conditioned for a great deception...

This article has been excerpted from Chapter two of Chuck Missler and Mark Eastman’s book Alien Encounters, available from our store and also on DVD.

Read Chapter one, in Chuck’s article Alien Encounters, Personal Update, 2017.


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