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Topical Bible Study: The AntiChrist

The Coming World Leader — commonly known as the Antichrist — has 33 titles in the Old Testament and 13 in the New Testament. One of these, The Prince That Shall Come, comes from Daniel 9:26–27 in which the people of the Prince that shall come would destroy the city and the sanctuary. The fulfillment occurred in history when the Roman legions under Titus Vespasian destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple in 70 A.D. This reflexive reference to the Romans in Daniel 9:26 is one of several reasons why most Bible scholars view the future Prince That Shall Come as a Roman, or European.

The Bible offers many clues regarding the identity of this Man of Sin. Join Chuck Missler as he considers the Biblical passages concerning the Coming World Leader — his character, his activities, and his ultimate destiny.


The Return of Nimrod?

Closer study of Biblical texts suggests that the coming world leader, commonly called the Antichrist, will emerge from the region of the eastern leg of the Roman Empire.

Nimrod Part II - Antichrist from the Middle East?

It is noteworthy that both Daniel 8 and 11 highlight the final world leader, and include passages involving the sequence of the leaders of the Seleucid Empire: the region now known as Syria and Iraq.

The Genealogy of the Antichrist

Chuck Missler examines the Biblical descriptions of the Anti-Christ, to include possible geneologies and even a physical description!

The Antichrist Doesn't Wear Tights

The reign of the man often called the 'Antichrist' will not be sudden and obvious - anti-Christian sentiments have been steadily sneaking into Western society for decades while many Christians hardly notice.