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Topical Bible Study: Israel

From the time that God promised the land of Canaan to Abraham until the present day, God has steadily shown His faithfulness in unrolling His plans for His chosen people. Through them He gave us His Son, the Savior of the World, and to that land the Messiah will soon return as The King. In the meanwhile, the LORD keeps His sovereign hand on the land and the people of a tiny struggling country in the heart of the Middle East, and all the world watches.


The Modern History Behind the Middle East Crisis

An overview of the recent history of Israel, along with the various issues at stake in the current Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Mystery of the Myth: The Ten Lost Tribes

Chuck Missler explores the legend of the Ten Lost Tribes of Israel, the Northern and Southern Kingdoms, and what they might mean to modern Israel.

Lessons from the Sudetenland

Benjamin Netanyahu provides an insightful look into the plight of Israel in the West Bank, and disturbing parallels between the Nazis and Czechoslovakia and Palestine and the West Bank.

Strategic Perspective: The Case for Jerusalem

John Loeffler examines the historical roots of Jerusalem and refutes common misconceptions about the origin, history, and rightful possession of Jerusalem and the lands of Israel.

Strategic Trends - The Struggle for Jerusalem

The Middle East 'Piece Process' threatens to disrupt global security. What does this ongoing struggle for Israeli sovereignty mean for the U.S., as well as the study of Biblical 'End-Times?'

Dangerous Ground: The Peace Process

Chuck Missler examines the Mid-East 'Piece Process' in light of Biblical prophecy and the Old Testament covenants.

To The U.S. Senate: An Appeal on Israel's Behalf

A letter from Benjamin Netanyahu to the U.S. Senate, exhorting the U.S. not to back down in the war against terrorism, but to remain by Israel's side as Israel works to destroy the terrorist regime that threatens to tear apart that free nation.