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    What Happens When You Die?

    We don't like to think about death. It's not a pleasant subject, and we avoid even discussing it seriously or giving it any diligent study. Yet our appointment with death is the most certain event in our future. We all know of personal examples when death has come suddenly to people, without warning, without preparations; car accidents, stray bullets, unforeseen strokes. When it comes our time, what do we expect death to be like? How will we enter eternity?

    This study contains 2 hours of verse by verse teachings.

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    For the novice as well as the sophisticate, this study is full of surprises. It includes subtle discoveries lying just “beneath” the text -- hidden messages, encryptions, deliberate misspellings and other amendments to the text -- that present implications beyond the immediate context, demonstrating a skillful design that has its origin from outside our space and time. Drawing upon over forty years of collecting, Chuck highlights in this study many of the precious nuggets that have become characteristic of his popular Bible studies around the world.

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    • Which translation is best?
    • Which Study Bible?
    • What are the secrets of resolving difficult or controversial passages?

    From forty years of intensive Bible study and teaching, Missler shares his favorite helps, secrets and practical suggestions on how to take the Bible seriously.

    Most Christians, although they want to do in-depth Bible study, know little of the types, philosophies and tools of study available. Is the Bible to be taken literally or figuratively? What study aids would be most helpful in beginning my own home study library?

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    • Where did our Bible come from? How good are the texts?
    • Why do we believe its origin is supernatural?
    • How do we know that it really is the Word of God?
    • How accurate are our translations?
    • Which version is the best?

    Chuck Missler, an internationally recognized Biblical authority, reviews the origin of both the Old and New Testaments in light of recent discoveries and controversies.

    This briefing pack contains 2 hours of teachings.

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    Just who is Jesus Christ? What did Jesus actually accomplish? Jesus Christ is not “a concept,” an “idea,” or a “useful traditional value.” He is an actual living person who came to accomplish a specific purpose that prevails over everything else: His achievement continues to impact you and me, and determines our eternal destiny.

    He is the fulfillment of a pervasive promise made before the foundation of the world and the very standard by which the entire universe, and everything in it, will be judged!

    Join Dr. Chuck Missler as he explores who Jesus really is.

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    The Ultimate Literary Adventure

    Are you ready for a detailed yet thoroughly enjoyable study of the most profound book ever written?

    Using sound scientific facts, historical analysis, and Biblical narrative, acclaimed teacher Dr. Chuck Missler weaves together a rich tapestry of information–providing an accurate understanding of Scripture’s relation to itself, to us, and to the world at large.

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    Chuck Missler deeply believed that the Church in the end times would need to be “self-feeders.” In his teaching series on the Once and Future Church, Chuck emphasized the fact that the best place to practically learn the Bible is within a small group of believers who are all dedicated to taking the Bible seriously.

    To help facilitate this vision, Koinonia House has prepared a complete study group tool kit. Just add a group of people excited to explore the Bible and you have 
    all you need to start your group NOW!

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    What is the World Coming To?

    The Bible contains 8,362 predictive verses about 737 different matters and yet prophecy is one of the most neglected subjects in the Church today. Understanding prophecy is an essential and fundamental issue for every serious Christian. But where do we start?

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    Many people are becoming increasingly conscious that we are entering a unique phase of human history. Some are terrified. Some are predicting cosmic doom on the near horizon. Others are making astonishing predictions. What does the Bible really say?

    Eschatology (the Study of “Last Things”) is among the most challenging avenues of study, even for the most sophisticated.

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    This strategic overview of both the Old and New Testaments highlights the integrity of the 66 books, penned by over 40 authors over thousands of years, we call the Bible.

    Although the authors are so widely separated by time, we now discover the Bible to be an integral whole with its origin outside the time domain altogether.

    Missler's enlightening view of the cohesiveness of the Bible will open your eyes to new depths of insight and understanding.

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    • How do we know what is really true?
    • How do we know that the Bible is true?
    • How sure can we be?

    We live in a skeptical environment, where even the very existence of truth is questioned. Lately, the Bible - and even the Lord Jesus himself - has been under attack.

    Join Chuck Missler as he examines the boundaries of our reality, explores ways to qualify sources of information, offers advice on testing hypothesis, and reveals the source of Ultimate Truth.

    This study contains 2 hours of teachings.

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    For years I have explored the idea of creating material for kids that taught them critical thinking skills. While living in England in 1995, I was given a chance to make a Bible presentation to the local middle school students during one of their morning assemblies.
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    During the past several years I have been frequently asked to provide some personal perspectives and general comments regarding the study and teaching of God's Word in a Home Bible Study setting.  I have always been convinced that Home Bible Studies are where the "real action" is for committed Christians.