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Articles for 2007


2006 Executive Summary – The Year in Review:

Koinonia Institute Conference – The First Annual:

''Go For Bronze'' in 2007 – KI Update:

Bakers Stale Ideas – Iraq Study Group Report:

What Does It Mean to Glorify God? – Reflections of His Image


Thomas Jefferson's Koran – Background Information

I & II Chronicles – Our Newest Commentary

Prophecy Fulfilled: The Life of Christ – Excerpt from Prophecy 20/20:

''This Year in Jerusalem'' – Israel 2007:

A Declaration of War – KI Update:

What's an Image? – Reflections of His Image


Excavations Trigger Protests – Temple Mount Update:

What Really Happened at ''Easter''? – Traditional Myths:

A Glimpse into Psalm 69 – New Insights:

God Makes a Distinction... Do You? – KI Update:

Pride vs. Humility – Reflections of His Image


The Jesus Tomb? – A Fraudulent Find

New Opportunities – K I Regional Roundtables

Australia and New Zealand – Trip Report:

Why? – KI Devotional

Spiritual Christian vs. Carnal Christian – Reflections of His Image


From Whence the Pilgrim? – Insights from the Psalms:

The Issachar Tour – Israel II " October 8th - 19th, 2007

Reflections of His Image Where the Battle Is Fought – Nans Corner:

A Romance of Redemption – A Favorite Prophecy Book:

Walk With Me – KI Devotional:


Good-Bye to Western Civilization – World Update:

Reflections of His Image Overcomers – Nans Corner:

A Simple Thing Called Prayer – KI Devotional:

Reflections from the Land – Israel Trip Report:


How Much Time Do You Have Left? – Koinioia Institute

Reflecting His Image: Learning to Love God – Nans Corner:

Psalm Enchanted Evening – New Commentary:

The American Challenge – Excerpt from Prophecy 20/20

Understanding the Worth of our Nation – For the Fourth

The Passing of the Constitution – In Memoriam


Do You Need a Rest? – KI Devotional

The Feasts of Israel – Celebrated Next Month

Reflections of His Image A Visual Picture of the Problem – Nans Corner

New Wine for New Skins? – A Personal Challenge

The Vortex Strategy: Part 1 – Updated Briefing


Blind Bartimaeus aka Blind Bart – Pray About Joining Us!

Its NOW Time! – Back to School with KI:

Reflections of His Image A Visual Picture of the Problem: Part Two – Nans Corner:

Turkey: What Happens Next? – World Update:

The Vortex Strategy: Part 2 – Updated Briefing:

Koinonia Institute Report – KI Update:


Koinonos – KI Update:

The Lure of the Occult – The Dark Side of Halloween:

Reflections of His Image Where Does Self Life Come From? – Nans Corner:

Guarding Your Liquidity – The Vortex Strategy: Part 3

New iPod Touch – Eye on Technology


Are You Dressed? – Reflections on the Fall Feasts:

Finding The Way – KI Devotional:

We Three Kings? – Who Were the Magi?

Reflections of His Image The Importance of our Choice – Nans Corner:

Sunnis and Shiites – Conflict Within Islam:


The Deity of Christ – A Christmas Devotional:

Finding The Way, Part 2 – KI Devotional

An Insiders Briefing in Israel – The 2007 Issachar Tour

Reflections of His Image Not My Will, but Thine – Nans Corner:

Profaning the Name of God – A Challenge for Us All: