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Articles for 2012


The Book of Acts

The Christian and the Law

A City Without a Country

Issachar Reflections

What Is a Partaker?

Taking the Challenge: The Soldiers Bible Ministry


A Glimpse Into 2012

The Kings of South Asia

The Fruit of the Spirit Is Love

The Hybrid Age

The Life of Christ


Redesigning the Church

Easter – The Dating of Easter

What Does it Mean to Love God?

The Realm of Angels

The Last Pope?

The Wheat and the Tares


A Cure for the Depression

Financial Terrorism

Angels Part 2: The Invisible War

God's Supernatural Power

A Personal Passover

Weathering the Storm


The Book of Ruth

GMO (God Move Over) – Food Supply

God's Promised Land

Israel: Past and Present – In the Land

God's Supernatural Power, Part 2 – The Kingdom, Power, and Glory


Choose This Day: Life or Death

A Logical Explanation For God, Part 2

Messiah: Spirit and Light

Our Yielding Imparts God's Strength – Nan's Corner - June Article

The God Of The Second Chance


We Have Forsaken All – Nan's Corner - July Article

Walking the Jesus Trail – See Israel

Turkey: Center of the New Caliphate – World Update

The Death of Discernment – The Church


What Is a True Disciple? – Nan's Corner - August Article

The Seven Myths of Eschatology – The End Times

The Future of Warfare – Technology

The Truth of Taqiyya – Rise of Islam


The Faithful and Wise Servants – Nan's Corner - September Article

It’s Time to Get Serious – Bible Study

Should a Christian be a Zionist? – The Land Covenant

The Implications of 3D Printing – Technology

Advanced Weaponry – Strategic Trends


Faith: The Means Of God’s Power – Nan's Corner - October Article

Koinonia Institute’s 2013 Israel Program – Koinonia Institute

Honoring an Israeli and American Hero – Lone Soldiers

The United States Constitution – Strategic Trends

What’s At Stake – America 2012


Faith Is Trusting God – Nan's Corner - November Article

A Holographic Universe? – Featured Briefing

In God We Trust? – A Christian Nation

A Tale of Two Histories – Faith of Our Founders

The Problem Is Us – America 2012

Weathering the Coming Storm – New Briefing


Happy Hanukkah – The “New Testament” Holiday

Faithful Obedience – Nan's Corner - December Article

SP VII Conference Update – Strategic Perspectives

What Gift Shall I Bring? – Christian Living