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Articles for 1999


How Can We Prove that God Loves Us? – Way of Agape

Speed of Light Slowing Down? – The Controversy Continues:

Ezekiel – A Prophet for our Time:


Finances & Your Relationship with God – Financial Stewardship:

The Ultimate Valentine – Written in Blood:

Why Is God's Love so Important? – Way of Agape:

Jacob's Letter to the 12 Tribes – A Controversial Epistle:


His Unfamiliar Face – A Biblical Mystery:

Our Holographic Bible – System Design of the Scriptures?:

The Mystery of Time's Arrow – Physics and the Bible:

What Does It Mean to Love God? – Way of Agape:


Executive Orders: Edicts from a Presidential Throne: Part 1 – Whats Really Going On?

What Does It Mean to Love God? Part 2 – Way of Agape:

Something Hidden – A Book of Mysteries:


Ruth: A Romance of Redemption – A Favorite Old Testament Prophecy Book:

The Inner Court Ritual – The King's High Way Series

Cosmos and Creator – Science and the Bible:

The Eagle Story – Faith in the Night Seasons:

Executive Orders - Edicts From a Presidential Throne: Part 2 – What's Really Going On?


Why Does God Allow Evil? – Email from a Skeptic:

The Illegal War in Kosovo – What's Really Going On?

The Redefinition of NATO – New World Policeman?

Exodus – The Book of Redemption:

My Own Night Season – Faith in the Night Seasons:


Are Night Seasons Part of God's Will? Part 1 – Faith in the Night Seasons:

Redeeming the Time – A Summer Project:

Stretching the Heavens – The Nature of Cosmic Reality:

Winning the Cultural War – A Challenge from a Friend:


Hosea's Challenge to America – Hosea, Can You See?:

Are Night Seasons Part of God's Will? Part 2 – Faith in the Night Seasons:

The Book of Exodus – A Book of Mysteries:


The Plight of the Plover – A Bird's Eye View:

The Fall Feasts of Israel – Celebrated This Month:

The Three Essentials – Nan's Corner:


The Un-Neighborly Neighbor – Back to School?:

A Secret of Your Own – Your Own Secret Code:

Four Aspects of God's Will – Faith In the Night Seasons:

The Greatest Adventure of All – Personal Inside Advice:

Waco: Up From the Ashes – A Strategic Review:

Behold a Red Horse – Wars and Rumors of Wars:


Congressional Investigation into Canal Zone – A Strategic Review:

Who Were the Magi? – A Christmas Anticipation

Giving Thanks 1999 – Seasonal Assessment:

The Man On Horseback – The March Toward Tyranny:

The Advent of MP3 – Advancing Technology:

God's Will in the Life of a Believer: Sanctification – Faith in the Night Seasons:


The 7th Millennium – A Calendar Error?

Behold, A Fifth Horseman! – After the Infamous Four:

The Book of Hosea – An Overlooked Study:

The Scepter of Judah – A Christmas Promise:

Man's Free Choice – Faith in the Night Seasons: