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Articles for 2016


“Her children will stand up… and bless her” – Remembering Nancy Missler

A Psalm 23 Perspective – Remembering Nancy Missler

Insight from a Friend – Remembering Nancy Missler

My Mom – Remembering Nancy Missler


Looking for Spoil – Russia

The Truth About Truth – Christian Living

End-Times Survival Guide – Part 1 – Christian Living


Evidence Of Good Evidence – The Truth About Truth

How We Got Our Bible – An Excerpt

End-Times Survival Guide – Part 2 – Christian Living


Beyond Coincidence – An Excerpt

New and Improved Koinonia Institute – Koinonia Institute

The Rhetoric On Rhetoric


The World’s Finest Woman – Bible Study

The Mystery Woman – Bible Study

Beyond Perception – An Excerpt

Judging a Book by its Cover? – Christian Living


Small Group Initiative – Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

Update on Coming Changes – From the Registrar’s desk

To the World – Learn the Bible in 24 Hours

Footprints of the Messiah – Excerpt


The Feasts of Israel

The Forgotten Christians

Golgotha: Searching for the True Location of Christ’s Crucifixion


What is True Islam? – Western bewilderment at a Religious-Political-Military system

Critical Thinking: To Judge Or Not To Judge – Christian Living

Ezekiel 38: The Israeli Perspective – Bible Study

Beyond Newton: Challenges to Astronomy – Excerpt


Understanding Your Calling – Christian Living

Ultimate Authority – Worldviews

Explore Ethiopia with Bob Cornuke – K-House Tour 2017

Koinonia Institute Small Group Fellowship Launched! – New KI Small Group Program


The Once and Future Church – Small Groups

Israel and the Church: The Prodigal Heirs – Excerpt


We Want YOU! To Become a Reproducer – Koinonia Institute


Learn the Bible in 24 Hours – To the World – Bible Study